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Bold /bəʊld/ – a person showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous.


 What is Bold?

Simply put, the clever way to collaborate.

  • A community of entreprenurial minded people
  • 100 annual events to network & challenge your thinking
  • Private meeting rooms on-demand
  • Spaces designed to inspire creativity and collaboration
  • Available on-demand from £60-80/hour & £300-500/day
  • Save thousands over the expensive & risky office lease
  • Opening in business hubs across London


A Place to develop your dreams

Let's get started, shall we?

What People Are Saying

Our services

  • Workspace

    Flexible plans from hot-desks all the way to your own private room or office.

  • Conference Rooms

    Real-time availability for all our meeting rooms. Request and manage bookings online.

  • Online member network

    Easily connect with other members of the community. Use the directories to find the right skills and promote your services.

  • Childcare

    Professional childcare services available from the age of two.

  • Benefits and discounts

    All members enjoy discounted rates, credits and benefits as part of their membership.

  • Weekly events

    Connect and learn in our curated events and meet-ups.

A Place to develop your dreams

Join for free (limited time offer)
Book a Bold space or event from your mobile or computer (instant confirmation)
When you arrive for your meeting use your phone to unlock the door
Liberate your creative spirit and get down to business (all the essentials included)
*There is a one-off joining fee of £60 which is currently discounted to £0. This offer is valid until 31/3/2018.
**Bold credit issued on a monthly basis via the plans above are valid for 30 days and can not be accumulated.

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